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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  July 26, 2009 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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>> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, governor aycock to be. *applause . >> mike: thank you very much. welcome to the "huckabee" from the fox studios in new york city. the great show tonight starting with a rare and exclusive interview with former vp dan quayle. also tonight the amazing kreskin is here. usage rafik mentalist and he will do a trick that actually filmed on television once
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before. tonight he's going to attempt it again with the help of our audience. you'll enjoy kreskin tonight on the show. plus the harmonies of country music artist ronnie the sap. and it's hammer time. with the multitalented mc hammer. >> has been a lot of talk about doctors and how much money you make in all this talk about the health care reform. let me be clear. i want doctors to make money. frankly, i want them to make a lot of money. they don't have to make as much as oprah, she made $275 million last year, where george lucas, who made $170 million were steven spielberg made an hundred $50 million. both tiger woods and madonna made 100 the average doctor pay is less than what numbers of congress make and specialists average not much better and that's before you factor in the free food, travel, and outright graft that some members of
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congress will be able to add to the total. i don't begrudge congressional salaries, but i sure as heck don't think that what they do is as hard as brain surgery were doing a heart transplant. when i was a kid it was assumed to be relative. would probably go to middle school, does being a doctor was pretty much for the best and brightest and we assume to make the best money because they were smart and they're going to have to be in school four times longer than the rest of us just become a doctor. then they would be on call 24 hours a day after you call the church advocates ballgames to hurry to the hospital to take care of people who got banged up enough car wreck or had a stroke. you see i want my doctor to make good money. i want him or her to be the smartest kid in his class, not average. i want my doctor to enjoy being a doctor and i don't want him coming into the operating room wearing about maybe rent but rather thinking of how to keep me healthy enough so i can pay my own rent. if we keep talking about limiting doctor salaries, we might get people who really aren't that good.
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but they were willing to do the job at a discount. look, i don't care that oprah makes $275 million last year, if kobe bryant brought down $45 million, but if a member of my family has a brain tumor i don't want oprah or kobe during the operation. i wanted this to your surgeon i can find and i'm not going to be looking for the low bidder were saying if there is a coupon in the paper for 10% off the cost. i want somebody who has worked really hard to know what he's doing. and doesn't well. and if he is really, really good at it, he was still only make about a penny for each dollar that oprah makes. if one of the results of government fixing healthcare is to encourage the smart people to do what oprah does and that some people to become doctors, then thanks but no thanks. i need a good doctor a lot more than i need oprah. and i want my doctor to make a lot of money. *applause . >> mike: that's my view and i welcome yours. contact me at huckabee --
2:04 am and click on the box index section and come your thoughts. you can get contact information for your senators and congressman pat mike >> twenty years ago he was vice president of the united states. today, he has a lot to say about the state of our country and the folks in washington who are running it. please welcome former vice president, dan quayle. *applause psychiatric on staging her own group speech and i do smackdown focus group. *applause speech and we have a wonderful group of some of our "fox news" interns here today, and a little later we're going to throw you to the wolves and let them ask some questions as well. >> you're the big one, then i get these guys? >> mike: actually their questions are tougher than nine.
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>> i usually, you don't have two, you go into classrooms and schools, and the insightful questions that students would ask was quite amazing. then you go to the press conference and you get the same old nonsense are you. >> mike: i found it true. students would ask policy questions in the press would only ask process questions to make the students are interested in what's really going on. the media is interested in who's up is down how you're doing in polls, ratchet type of journalism. so i find it rather gratifying an interesting that the folks in the audience are probably a lot smarter than those of us appear. >> mike: this group i can assure you is a lot smarter. i want to talk about what it was like. you are picked out to be the vice president by george bush 41. in many ways under circumstances that were similar to sarah palin. out of obscurity. all of a sudden dan quayle is dressed in the spotlight. so was she. do you find yourself watching the whole serb palin issue and
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sang my gosh i understand what she's going through? these relentless attacks on her? because you expense that. >> the one thing the media doesn't like in the selection process of the vice president, is a surprise. they want to be part of the bidding process. there are a part of the vetting process for joe biden. in fact most people that can perhaps you did too. they are part of the bidding process of many said they don't like surprises. i was somewhat of a surprise, hathough the bidding process with me had gone on for three weeks. they are the same to me from the house and the senate of the record i had in the house and the senate. so they were a little bit surprised but you know they weren't shocked like i think they sort of work with the palin nomination. it is sort of -- it's sort of interesting on how this thing
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unravels, because she is a very gifted politician. i think that she gave a good introduction speech. i thought she did a good convention speech and i think she did well in the debate with joe biden so the three important events i thought she handled quite well. but it is the surprise element. that's what they don't like or it and they really have gone after her. they have gone after her family, too, which is a little bit, i think over the top. >> mike: where over-the-top i think for many of us who have been in any political endeavor to see people going after folks who aren't even on the ballot. and at a level that i don't suppose i've ever seen before. to be that bitter and angry toward her children and digging as they seem to be. >> they wouldn't keep attacking her if they didn't fear her. you don't attack somebody you think is irrelevant. you attack somebody you feel is quite substantive. it'll be interesting to see what she does now.
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i think she is just sort of fed up with the whole thing. i think she does have an opportunity to go around the country and speak. i think she has an opportunity to make some money. she is a celebrity. if in fact she really wants to run for president, which i don't know how my don't know she knows that they are not, then she probably will look back on it and decided it wasn't the best we thing to leave the governor's office street and this is the week the president would focus on healthcare. get a big news conference, yet another primetime news conference, he had a bunch of those, but suddenly the stage was occupied with the discussion of what happened with an arrest of a harvard professor. well couple of pieces of tape. i want it to get some reaction, mr. vp, from this amazing turn of events this week that asserting the president off his game. this is what happened this week to make the cambridge police acted stupidly in harassing
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somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home. speak and that was the president in an unscripted moment. he didn't have a teleprompter, and the question was off the cuff, the last question of the press conference, i'm sure he wished it ended one question sooner. the reaction has been discernible -- this herbal -- bistro, top -- strong, and this is sergeant crowe's response to make the apology would come for me. i've done nothing wrong. i acted appropriately. as to gates was given many of opportunity to stop doing what he was doing. he acted very irrational. i support the president of the united states 110% but his way off base waiting at a local issue without knowing the facts which he himself stated before he made that comment. so again, i don't know what to say about that. i guess a friend of mine would support my position to speak to mr. vp, that has sort of preempted all the rest of the news cycle. i would like to get a reaction
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from you on the scenario. the president of the united states calling of a police department is doing something stupidly. >> i was very surprised that he would entertain the question, very surprised that a president would want to get involved in what is obviously a local issue with the local police and local citizens. i think he probably wishes he had not answered it because it is not a new story. it is sort of interesting that happens quite a bit that it is the very last question, or it's that little quip that you give time to just get rid of the question. you are walking out from the press conference, and then all of a sudden that becomes the news. it happens over and over again. he is very disciplined, so i was really surprised. there must be some real interest on his part. because it makes no sense to get involved in this. i don't know what happened, he doesn't know what happened. there is a dispute.
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>> it seems people forget to have a position like being president in your case vp, that there is a gravitas of the position and everything that comes out of your mouth is going to carry weight, that might have cared if you are a state senator from illinois. when the president of the united states as anything, there's going to be a huge ration to it. >> is always a temptation, i think it's human nature and i'm sure you've gone through it, you like to answer the question. you don't want to say no comment. you want to answer the question. i'm smarter thanhat guy, i know the answer to that question, i want to answer it or it sometimes you have to be smart enough not to answer the question. outfitted in a question and that's clearly what he should've done. i would be willing to bet that won't happen again. >> one of my old college professors would say was the smart enough to tell the truth but don't be so simple that stupid to tell the truth you know. >> coming up we continue my other conversation with vp dan quayle.
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welcome home, man. president dan quayle. mr. vp, the health issue is
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front and center, but the economics of this, this is going to have a huge impact on the nation's capacity to function. tommy what you think americans are to know about the economics of what's being proposed. >> first of all, have to realize that we do have the best healthcare system in the world. can it be improved? of course it can. can it be extended to those who don't have it? yes. can we work to contain costs and growth? absolutely. but governor, could not have canadian air -- americans going to canada for health care were going to europe for healthcare or latin america for healthcare but you have people from all of the world coming here for healthcare. so let's realize we have the best system in the world and must not radically change it. i do think you have to work to try to expand the coverage. i looked at this a lot when i was in the house and senate and
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was vice president, but the biggest target is this sort of the hard-core unemployed that don't have the coverage. they get their care from emergency rooms right now. and how do you deal with it? you can expand medicaid, i suppose, but that's a -- you lok at these numbers and they throw these numbers around of who is uninsured and who's not uninsured, and many people take uninsured by choice. their spouses covered. so we have got to get real numbers and try to figure out how to improve the healthcare system without interrupting the quality health care that we have. speech and we have folks in our audience ready for questions. >> we are part of the uprising generation we have responsibilities coming in the next 15, 20, 25 years. what do you see as the biggest challenge our children are going to have in this country?
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>> i think your children, my children now i have two grandchildren, the biggest issue you're going to face is the entitlement issue. there is no way we can continue with the current cost projections with social security and medicare and all the other entitlement programs without either the -- without denying future benefits for having huge tax increases. take your choice. either one is great attractive. but you're going to have to deal with that. it is easy to create these programs, and they are good programs, that it's very difficult to control them and make sure they are as efficient as possible and that will be an unfortunate agassi that perhaps my generation, this generation appear bland to your generation.
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and speech and we're back with former vp dan quayle. let's take questions from our audience. >> vp quayle you can against george w. bush in 1999 for the presidential nomination. you said we do not want someone who needs on-the-job experience. had the nation heated your warning and you became president, would have gone into iraq and how would you doubt what the quick top of the hussein dictatorship. >> mike: that's an easy one. >> thank you for reminding me that i was defeated for pres. by the public and party in 1999. the iraq question, obviously i wasn't there to make the decision, so you don't know or did i did support the president when he made the decision.
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i still am hopeful that i can work out where you will have some form of democracy in iraq. iraq is critical because of its geopolitical location because it has both sunni and shiite as well as kurt abbott beat sunni and shiite working together so i hope it emerges as a stable democracy. if it does it is going to have a profound influence in the middle east. the party has an influence. it's going on in iran. you don't think they look across the border and sing the people in iraq actually voting and actually participating in the political process to cube of course they do. same with the east germans looked at the west germans all those yrs over the wall in front of the wall came down. i think what's happening in iran may be to some degree there is indication so you know, you can change things. there is more democracy, if you will, but it's not democracy as we know it, they move toward
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that in the region that we have ever had. the question for the obama administration is, are they going to continue that? i don't think they really know the answer to that. the speech in cairo talked a little bit about it, but it was more a reaching out to particularly the muslim world to say look, we want to be friends, i'm together, let's see if we can reason, and i think most of the ozone will receive that quick readily. but there is a radical part there that uses religion and state coming of state-sponsored terrorism is a religion. i'm in that group i don't know how you deal with that. you have to defeat that particular group which clearly george w. bush attempted to do. obama administration in afghanistan is trying to do that as well speak and we will squeeze in one final quick question. >> switching gears back to healthcare. president obama is very interested and optimistic about passing his healthcare reform
2:24 am
bill. what do you think his biggest challenge will be and do you think he has fully thought through its execution to give. >> the biggest challenges how bloody finance it. that's how this broke down. some said tax the wealthy. others said tax the health benefits of its over a certain amount. they have all sorts of finance proposals out there. but that's the biggest one. i think when they go back and review this, but they're going to recognize that they made one serio mistake, and that is not really having their own plan to submit to congress and letting congress write it. i mean good lord, that is the worst thing you can do is just to turn it over to the congress and all these committee chair people that have their own pet programs and pet ideas, but the reason they did it, and this is politics, and the governor can tell you this is very true. when you look at the situation that failed, like the clinton healthcare failed, to go i am
2:25 am
not going to do it that way. how did the clintons go about it? again, process. that a closed group down there in the white house, run by hillary and a few of her friends and they came up with this proposal and took it to congress and said this while this thing alive and whole and congress said goodbye, thank you very much, that it was almost dead on arrival. so the obama administration said we won't do it that way because that way was wrong and that's the only reason it failed to does the process was wrong. so they said come on congress, you go ahead and write that. they wrote the stimulus bill, i think 10% of the money is now out and they're writing the healthcare bill, and it is just not going to work. so at some point he's going to have to reclaim the mantle ship of leadership or the mantle of leadership, and figure out exactly what they want and how to finance it. they have a hodgepodge of there. it is not good to work. and also, for all the pronouncements about
2:26 am
bipartisanshipnd and yet he just goes on and criticizes the republicans. look, people forget this that the republican party, yes we are in an inordinate, but we still have over 40% in the house and senate. that is not an insignificant number. just to say that 40% of the people don't have any good ideas and to cut them out of the process, i think is a huge mistake. he can be partisan when it comes to budgets and taxes and things like that, because there just not done in the next two years, but it does not behoove you to be so partisan on something like healthcare. you need to be inclusive. so there is great rhetoric there, but the action and what they're doing is really quite astounding on how partisan they have gotten. so quickly. and there are a lot of republicans that would like to be part of that debate, and they are cut out. i think that's a mistake. speak to mr. vp, thank you so
2:27 am
much it's great to see you again and i appreciate your perspective. thank you so very much to come here and be with us. he is a rapper and a dancer and a minister but he is also a twitter. coming up it's hammer time.
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violence. now back to huckabee. for the headline slot onto fox *applause . >> mike: helped bring rap music into the mainstream and today he is still connecting with his fans. he has over $1 million on footer. you can see the season finale of his rallies show hammer time sunday on amd. please welcome, mc hammer. *applause . >> mike: how are you doing? good to see you. what did you do, bring her fan club with you to give. >> yes, i brought them with me.
2:32 am
speak and these guys out there want you to show them how to dance. i think that's what it is. >> worked out a deal because they were working so hard and there is a good and enthusiastic we will probably work out a new routine afterwards speak and looking at these people and shiny pants, i don't think so. >> they look pretty nice. oh look at that. good-looking people. good-looking people speak and, your show, different world for you, isn't it? at the show hammer time. having enjoyed it? >> it's a reflection of the family so i have enjoyed it. i have got a lot of fun having my kids on the show because they appreciate it more and that has to do it. to have the cameras on coming out, a lot of hours a day. it's very interested, but they are all hands. >> mike: i wonder where they got that? would you think that came from? >> i have no idea. speak and you are an anomaly being married to the same woman for 23 years, raised a
2:33 am
successful family, successful enough you'll put them on television. that's a tough industry in order to keep a marriage and family together. what's the secret for you? >> the secret is that we loved each other from the beginning. so we were actually met in a revival. she was 19 years old. i was 22 and she was out visiting all the way from mississippi. and it was during the week and she came to our revival and i said a 19-year-old, young woman, 2000 miles from home, in the middle of the summer and she's going to church during the week? i think i want to get to know her. so that was the start. so we fell in love and our marriage is built on that end it was the most important substance that kept us together through all of that reveals the music and life and things like that. >> mike: and raising kids can be one of the biggest points of travail of all, isn't it?
2:34 am
>> you notice how i smile, because it's always a very rewarding experience. the unconditional love, the moments you get from the kids, they are actually priceless. it is hard to explain to someone who doesn't, and i'm sure you can relate, the guy who misses his son daughter at a recital or a football or baseball game, he doesn't know what we feel. so i've got that six times. every kid. i have five kids by raised in nephew. i get it all the time. the joy of watching them experience life is very rewarding. so the parenting works both ways. it's tough but it's also a lot of rewards speak and the producers of the show actually wanted you to put me in some mc hammer gear and teach me some dance steps and i fixed it. i said the video of that going viral and behind youtube, i can't afford it. >> that would be good. speak it good for you but not for me. >> no, it will work out because we would did -- *applause .
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>> mike: at eight happening. it ain't happening, people. i want to ask you -- >> you see. >> mike: we're moving away. you are often called the king of twitter. you have over 1 million people who follow you on twitter. how on earth did you get started in becoming the king of tweets so that getting involved with community and social media came pretty organic for me early on. when twitter came about, but my good friends in the susan powter as well. when he showed me the company said hey, this is a good one. and the human interaction to be able to again reach out to a group of people, a collection of people on demand when click, exchange ideas, get feedback, you can't beat that. because that's the way the world really works and a lot of that was found this time around in politics and everything. it's like being online, reaching out to communities, dedicating
2:36 am
the people is the best way to go celibate. i think it's -- it's the blueprint of the future. >> mike: and social networking is sort of the hot thing right now. but you also feel a level of sort of challenge to make sure that there is a responsibility with things like facebook and myspace because sometimes kids put stuff in there that comes back to them later on? >> that responsibility is in traditional broadcast as well, right? the kids watch the channel with a bucket. it's the same thing. don't let the medium or the platform cause any fear. everywhere with any platform that can be accessed or posting of information it's not good -- that shouldn't be consumed by young people or by kids. so with the internet i go in my kids rooms all the time. the bc laptop. holded let me see it. but you need to check. >> mike: it's called parenting.
2:37 am
>> it really is. >> mike: what a novel idea, be responsible for your children. >> i think it'll be okay. what social networking should be embraced. it should be embraced bigger say. it's great for -- you know when you get older in life, sometimes you isolate yourself. isolation is a form of anna schmidt even in the penitentiary when they want to punish you they put you in isolation. as you get older and you see his soci media to communicate, you stay lively. you got grandkids, e-mail your grandkids and you get on these video camera and you can see them, you don't have to go there, this is all good stuff. just got to drop your fears speak and speaking of checking in on you we do it this weekend on a handy the finale of hammer time to look forward to having a back sometime. what a pleasure to have your. >> it's my pleasure they can mc hammer, thank very much.
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>> *applause . >> mike: you can hear my daily commentaries on the huckabee report or three times each weekday on 500 radio stations across america. to find a station near you or to listen online, every day for the mike, click on the huckabee report. coming up, he will blow your mind with his ability to read your mind. the amazing kreskin. he will perform one of his mental marbles and faster and er than ever before? well now you can, introducing the new... powerful... lightweight... oreck xl platinum vacuum. you don't vacuum open floors, you vacuum rooms filled with furniture. and the xl platinum makes cleaning under, around, and behind them, fast and easy! so take advantage of this limited time no-payments-no-interest-for-one- full-year offer and order your new oreck xl platinum today! call now and for cleaning stairs or up high we'll also send you the powerful oreck handheld vacuum-- a $250 value-absolutely free.
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speech and my next guest can read you like a book. please welcome the last man on earth you would want sitting across from you at a poker table, the amazing kreskin. [ applause ] >> mike: are you? great to see you. >> so good to see you.
2:42 am
speak and i have loved your stuff for years. we have seen on everything from johnny carson and david letterman and jay leno. and finally not yet peaked out your career you are on my shelf. >> and what this man has folks, he has it national genuine harmony when he talks to people. doesn't really come across? i mean that. [ applause ] h@ment that book i wrote chris can confidential which we'll talk about some time. i read thoughts, i'm not a fortuneteller have to concentrate on something. >> mike: you if he does not a trick. >> take a book. if i -- just to give you an idea because i something special in the next segment, it might if i do this to say stop anytime. what's the first word on the page, tommy. >> mike: or does rock so you can see pure chance. i'm going to ask you now have a camera will not show what word you're looking at it say stop anytime you want. say stop anytime you want. >> mike: stop to look at the first word on the page.
2:43 am
mike, not a big word, but a big word, right here at a small word >> mike: yes stand for letters. >> mike: for letters. >> this. >> mike: that's the word. [ applause ] speech and this is the word. >> begin to this book or this is your staff how to get fair sized -- only pages in a book. just about how many pages. this one has 292 mike, close up of prewritten answer. mike, just as i do this, i will start reflect roughly through like the ccm doing that. as i do this i stop anytime speech and stop. >> webpage? webpage so the page number. >> fifty-six -- 157 saturant 157. i've not seen his book people
2:44 am
can say my books i memorized them off which is silly. rod paige? mike, don't look upon work, but the whole top line of the page. >> mike: okay. >> is a beginning of a sentence or in the middle of a sentence state and that of a sentence semantics of the word grew our girl. >> mike: grown-up civic center like wheat or they -- they grow grown up in the same time what's the phrase? >> mike: if they had grown up in the same time they would have been good friends. [ applause ] sue hecht s. not my book, mike. and we come back, i've got something exciting, because 109 shows with regis and this is the only time i will do now i did on regis at totally failed and we will do it tonight and it's going to work. i'm going to read his thoughts and yours as well. see a while. >> mike: all right
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satanic bareback with kreskin and during the break we handed each member of our audience a card from a standard deck of playing cards. what happens now to give. >> important thing is, governor mike, we didn't look at the cards, they're given to face down. some of you helped and took piles of cards and passed them around so you don't know what you have. mike, i have another decade or area by the way it might, at this moment we should emphasize i didn'trearrange anything with you before the program. there is no agreement in any way shape or form. this is a regular deck of cards, mike, -- i never asked you this, mike.
2:49 am
you play cards at all? in the past. >> mike: years ago. >> what did you play. >> mike: oafish. >> mike, let's take the jokers out -- the beauty of this is the nature there are 52 folks you each have one card of a deck of cards. mike if i can is overlooked is that i'm tossing these cards, of course you can see them in my telling you to decide on when it would be visible only to you but everyone here. so michael do this, i will start dealing cards based on. in fact take the card box and you can set it aside on the floor or file it if you want. all right. >> mike: i always wanted to do that. >> if i see this you can see the cards the camera can't i can't. i don't care how long you wait, but as i turn these discos stop anytime and it doesn't matter where you say stop. anytime. >> mike: stop. >> mike, take the card to let me
2:50 am
see it but you look at it either went to stand behind me. but the carnahan stand by me with the card in your hand. mike, and why you feel i could not possibly see, would you look at the card and place it in your pocket. the camera cannot show this. these cards were dealt facedown. by becoming another card in your mind speech and i do. >> forecastle explain this to you. like a log, i take this deck of cards and put it out of the way which is good. the movement is important because it shows we have a set here that's fairly sizable. you another card he has in his mind, and he doesn't know the card you have in your mind. i want you to draw me, whoever you are who has his card i want you to draw me to you. the only way you can do this is to concentrate all of you now. mike stand next to me here. wherever i move -- first of all don't tell just think it think your card. get don't tell me. i know your card from me wherever i go mike.
2:51 am
don't say anything to me folks, in your mind talk to me. just tell me in your mind the card and only have your card. right in this row the last three rows there is someone you got the card but you don't have the right suit. it's not the right suit. mike keeps thinking. all of you think the card now, it's one card offer here. you're one card off. it's got to be the exact suit and also the -- the card is a number, am i correct mark -- mike? >> mike: that's correct. >> keep talking to me. keep talking state their stay here just to hear mike. okay you are thinking of the
2:52 am
card he has in his mind. i can see it as clear as day is a black artist in a. >> no. >> it sounded like card. i'm so close to it. with the two of you stand please? the to-do stand and show your cards please. show your cards. you have a three of clubs and the city had his card. it is a black card. what's the card you are thinking of. [ applause ] speech on ha ha. >> mike: that's amazing. they don't call you the amazing christopher nothing do they. how did that. >> i say something? all of you take out your cards and show you all have different cards in this deck. when a city of a black card she said no, my heart dropped because when i touch his
2:53 am
shoulder i knew he had the three of clubs. thank you everyone. >> mike: the amazing chris camen, folks. coming up he has one of the 40 greatest men of country
2:54 am
2:55 am
2:56 am
>> mike: is one of the most successful country artists of all time, has been credited with 40 number one hits. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome ronnie lsat. it's great to have you here. >> thank you, boss. and thank you, governor. >> mike: i want to say happy birthday to your wife, joyce today. >> thank you. we have been married 43 years. when you're hot you're hot. >> mike: ronnie, your life is i think destined to be made into a
2:57 am
movie. the book that is out about you, it'll go into reprint hopefully next year, and you promise me you'll come back when it does and will talk about the whole amazing story over ronnie milsap. but born with congenital blindness, your mother gave you away to not just. i grew up with my grandparents. and a very loving environment. and thank god for that. >> mike: when i read your story, ronnie, tears came to my eyes, i thought my gosh this person has been through so much growing up as you did, yet your latest releases a gospel album called 24 favorite hymns and gospel songs on the it's just out. i've got to ask. when i read your story i think this could have been a serial killer full of anger and bitterness and hostility, and yet you are living life with joy. tell me what happens to ronnie milsap two make that happen. >> i've always felt that it's always about my positive feel
2:58 am
that every day is a blessing. and let's find a blessing in every day. every day has a great opportunity that's going to happen. you just got to look for it because we will do one of your classics, what a difference he made in my life. it is on that one. >> i will. >> mike: ronnie milsap, everyone ♪ what a difference he made in my life =moco what a difference you've made in my life ♪ ♪ your might sunshine day and night for whata@ it difference you've made in my life ♪ ♪ at changing that in my heart ♪ what a change is made in my
2:59 am
heart ♪ ♪ you replaced all the broken parts ♪ ♪ awarded to -- change of made ♪ in my heart ♪ love to me was just a word in the song ♪ ♪ data had been overused ♪ now i join in the singing vocal as you showed that love true meaning ♪ ♪ that's why i want to spread the news ♪ ♪ what a difference you made in my life ♪ ♪ what a difference you've made in my life ♪ ♪ you are my sunshine day and night ♪ ♪ what a difference you've made ♪ yes, what a difference you've made ♪


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